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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Category 1 racer Ryan Barnett is recovering at the Shepherd Spinal Clinic, from a collision with a car last on May 3rd. Ryan, who is the marketing manager for Blue Competition Cycles, was out for a quick spin prior to Sunday's Sandy Springs Classic criterium when the accident occurred. Ryan fractured his skull, broke ribs and his pelvis and fractured his back in the T3 and T4 vertebrae area. Ryan has "some paralysis from the waist down." Atlanta's Shepherd Center is where cyclist Saul Raisin was treated after his 2006 accident. Ryan will have surgery on May 15th to try to relieve pressure on the spine, remove any bone fragments and fuse vertabrae together and possibly reduce the paralysis.

You can visit Ryan here, and follow his road to recovery, and even leave him messages!


USA Crits Speed Week and Nalley Roswell Crit

USA CRITS WEEK is now in the books. This was a series of Criterium races, throughout the Southeast, with some of the biggest names on the domestic scene. The Myogenesis guys went toe to toe with the best and came out grinning.

First up for the week was the infamous Athens Twilight Criterium. For those of you who do not know the storied past of this race, now in it’s 30th year, take some time to research it. It has been called the fastest Criterium in the USA by VeloNews. It takes place in downtown Athens, Georgia, with about 35,000 or so spectators lining the course.
This race is notorious for crashes. This year would not disappoint. All and all we survived with few injuries, and ended up getting Bruno in at 21st, with Rashaan Bahati from Rock Racing taking top honors. In the Elite race Eric Murphy went off the front and stayed away for the entire race, banging home the top step on the podium.

The second stop in the week long series was Beaufort, SC.
This stop would see the Myogenesis guys once again holding their own against some big names. Eric Boily banged home a 12th for us, and was the first non-pro. Hilton Clarke from the Toyota-Untied squad brought home the first place. After beaufort, the guys packed up shop and hit the road with a bearing of a little northwest and to Walterboro, SC.

The third stop in Walterboro would see almost a carbon copy of the night before, with the Aussie, Hilton Clarke taking the top step, and with Eric Boily taking 11th, putting in contention for the GC. Once again the boys would pack up shop and leave Walterboro, for the sleepy little town of Greenwood, SC.

Greenwood would not be as friendly to us as the previous nights, with Eric taking 28th and a speedy Alex Candelario of Kelly Benefits taking the win. We we’re anxious to get out of greenwood and focus on the next nights race in Spartanburg, SC…..

Spartanburg, the guys were showing obvious fatigue from being on the road for a week with no support crew. Despite that we managed to put 3 in the top 40…140 starters.

The last race of the week, Sandy Springs, brought more fortune for the Myo boys. After a long week on the road, Bruno managed to make the selected move of 7. Coming into the last lap, Bruno attacked his break-away comrades, and was only countered by Rock Racings Peter Dawson. Dawson was able to come around Bruno just before the line. Bruno held on for 2nd. With Bruno’s 2nd, that put Myogenesis.Com into 4th for the overall team competition, ahead of some really big and familiar names! A great way to cap a hard week of racing.

Just up the street, literally 6 miles up the street, Daryl Reynolds and Tim Barrett would be representing for us at the Nalley Roswell NRC race. Racing in the 2, 3 race, Tim lead Daryl out beautifully for a very well deserved 2nd!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Myogenesis guys were in Mississippi for the Mississippi Gran Prix this past weekend and got to spend a little time with this super strong young man. He has won the biggest race anybody could imagine.....LIFE. He is a CANCER SURVIVOR. He mustered up his strength, looked it square in the eyes and came out on top......WAY TO GO!!!! Check back soon and we will have a race report for you........

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tour de Tuscaloosa

Greetings from the Myogenesis.Com camp. This week’s write up brings more good news, as the guys build on their successful weekend in Birmingham, Alabama and Perry, Georgia.
The second real race weekend with the bulk of the squad would see the guys tackling the Second Annual Tour de Tuscaloosa. Making the trip over to Alabama were
Bruno Langois, our very own import from north of the border, Eric “e” Murphy, one of our resident kangaroo chasers, Chris Klem, Cleve the beav Blackwell and Shady Brady.
The first of two stages for the weekend would be a criterium around the old train depot in downtown Tuscaloosa. The course was quite a tough one, but well suited for Bruno. It consisted of 6 corners in an “L” shape with a slight downhill on one side and on the other, quite a substantial power climb. The climb was sure to take its toll on the peloton. We would have our work cut out for us as several of the strong teams from the southeast would be in attendance. Memphis Motorworks would roll in from Tennessee; Herring Gas making the trip from Louisiana, Inferno Racing and Loco’s would be represented as well.
The race started out fast as expected with Memphis Motorworks and Herring Gas making several attempts to establish a move up the road, but to no avail. About the half way point, Bruno was able to gain an advantageous gap along with Matt Winstead (Inferno Racing). The duo was able to hold the gap until the end. Unfortunately this time around Winstead was able to nip Bruno on the line. Another “PODIUM” none-the-less.
The next day, the next stage, would be a circuit race around the Lake Lurleen recreation area. The course was rolling, and never a flat spot. Going into this race, we new we we’re marked, after having swept the podium just two weeks before, and taking second the day before. That was the challenge and we felt we we’re up to it. The race went from the gun with a move that see Brady and Cleve up the road with Jeff Hopkins and various others. After being away for the first lap, the group was soon swallowed and flurry of counters started flying. Once again Myogenesis was able to get Bruno up the road in a move that we were happy with. We moved to the front to control the peloton. Rolling along at nice clip, we looked up and noticed Bruno on the side of the road……Flat tire! Cleve shot forward and gave his wheel up and effectively ended his day there. Brady went to the front and set a “leisurely” pace at the front to allow Bruno to get back in. Once Bruno made contact, the chase was on. The remainder of the team went to the front and started riding steady tempo to pull the break back in. After a lap and half of chasing, we we’re able to bring it back within reach. From there, our Canuck did his thing again….and went to bridge. Bruno was able to make contact. He went to make his winning move and came off the back of the break to the left side. One of the other teams in the break saw this as dangerous, and moved to the left to block Bruno. When doing this, it forced Bruno over the yellow line. The official subsequently informed Bruno that he was DQ’d…?....but Bruno kept racing. He once again attacked and went free of the break and was able to hold it to come in solo with about 500 meters on the break. After crossing the finish line with what we thought would be another win, Bruno was relegated to 2nd. That’s ok. He was obviously the strongest that day..and deserved the win. But we’ll take it…..another “PODIUM” (you guys should get yourself some, it obviously works!)….
See you guys next week from the Georgia Cup in Gainesville, Georgia. Until then………….

for more pictures and a video of the finish of the road here

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Racing season is now in full swing, and with the new team members in town and ready to roll, Cleve, Eric, Fetty, Bruno, Joel, Chris and Ron took to the streets of Hoover, Al. for some good ole fashioned crit racing. I'll let Eric bring you up to date with his post....all I have to say is "Fill'er up please".........

I'll hand it over to Eric now.....Eric..

This past weekend marked the first weekend of racing for Team and the boys did it in style. Eric, Cleve, Joel, Chris, Bruno, Jacob, and Ron raced in Birmingham, AL on Saturday.

The day started with the Masters 30 plus race where Cleve, Eric, Jacob, and Chris were greeted with a wet roads on the .9 mile criterium course around Spain Park High School. Just as the race was started more rain came down but the field kept their wits about them and the race was a safe one. Eric set out a plan before the race and the team stuck to it like glue. Chris was to save himself for a sprint while Eric and Cleve would be active early as their fitness is a bit behind the others. Jacob would try to go solo for the win with Chris trying for 2nd out of the field. The plan actually went better than planned as.....TO READ THE REST OF WHAT SHOOK OUT....CLICK HERE.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Camp Evite To Team Myogenesis Friends


We would like to use this oppertunity to bring you up to speed on an exciting camp we are hosting for The Summit Freewheelers on March 28-30, 2008.

Summit Freewheelers Cycling Camp

Don't miss this exciting custom cycling clinic centered around team tactics and mock racing!


Friday March 28 @ 7PM. Optional dinner at Fishers Cafe (LINK) Come out and meet your fellow campers and the FS Concepts Coaches.

Saturday 9 AM. Meet at the Peninsula Library (Location info).

From 9-11 AM We will have lectures and discussions on Team Tactics, Race Nutrition and Race/Event Warm-Up over coffee and bagels.

At 11 AM We will break into small teams of 3-4 and conduct "Mock Races" on a criterium course. After each short race (10-15 minutes per race) we will have an instant feedback session before starting the next race. Expect 4-6 races.

Saturday at 7PM meet at Winking Lizard (LINK) for a team/camper dinner. This is a perfect oppertunity to gain further feedback from the races or to simply talk smack to your fellow campers!

Sunday 10AM. Meet back at the Library ready to ride. Like Saturday we will conduct several "Mock Races" with instant feedback between races. This time, however, the races will be road race/circuit race focussed.

Summit Freewheeler Price: $ 30
Non Freewheeler Price (Open only to FS Concepts Clients and Friends): $ 50

Quick Facts

What is going on? Summit Freewheeler Cycling Camp hosted by FS Concepts

When is the camp? March 28-30, 2008

Who Can Attend? Summit Freewheeler Club Members and FS Concepts Clients.

Why do this camp? Why not?! This camp promises to be more fun than you can shake a stick at and at the same time you will be certain to increase your racing savy!

Where is the camp? The camp will be based in and around Akron, OH. For more detailed explanations email Jacob via or call him at 706.614.3459

How do I sign up for the camp? Confirm with Jacob via email (jacob via phone 706.614.3459

Quick Links:

FS Concepts
FS Concepts Camps
Summit Freewheelers

Monday, January 28, 2008

Coaching By Team Myogenesis, Jacob Fetty

Come Join Team Member Jacob Fetty With FS Concepts ,

Greetings Friends of FS Concepts!

Building on the exciting energy of our January Group Ride, we would like to invite you to Athens, Georgia for a group ride hosted by FS Concepts.

This will be a perfect opportunity for you to meet our coaches and bend their ears with any questions you may have as well as an excellent day to get in some relaxed miles with other fun and enthusiastic riders.

Spread the word and bring some friends with you!

FS Concepts Group Ride


Any and everyone with a desire to have a fun, relaxed and scenic group ride in the Athens, Georgia area with fellow cyclists should attend this event. Our coaches will be leading the ride and available for you to get to know on a more personal level.

The ride will leave from Jittery Joes on the east side of Athens at 10 am February 10, 2008. Ample parking is available in the Publix shopping plaza where the Jittery Joes is located. Location Link!

Ride details: Leaving Jittery Joes we will venture out into the country surrounding Athens and ride for about 3-3.5 hours.

For up to the minute ride details or in the event of possible rain call Jacob @ 706.614.3459.

Event Info
FS Concepts Coaches Ride

Athens, Georgia 30605
February 10, 2008
10:00 AM

Post Ride Fun!

After the ride stop in Barberitos (located in same plaza where ride departs) and grab some lunch with us!

To continue the festivities and further build our relationships with you we invite you to "Come sit for a spell" with us. This again is an ideal opening for you to ask questions, hear stories and for us to get to know each other.

FS Concepts Coaches

We look forward to seeing you!

Read about our coaches on our Coaches Page!

We look forward to seeing you for this low key, down home fun ride! Drop us a line if you plan to attend:

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Jacob Fetty