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Thursday, May 15, 2008

USA Crits Speed Week and Nalley Roswell Crit

USA CRITS WEEK is now in the books. This was a series of Criterium races, throughout the Southeast, with some of the biggest names on the domestic scene. The Myogenesis guys went toe to toe with the best and came out grinning.

First up for the week was the infamous Athens Twilight Criterium. For those of you who do not know the storied past of this race, now in it’s 30th year, take some time to research it. It has been called the fastest Criterium in the USA by VeloNews. It takes place in downtown Athens, Georgia, with about 35,000 or so spectators lining the course.
This race is notorious for crashes. This year would not disappoint. All and all we survived with few injuries, and ended up getting Bruno in at 21st, with Rashaan Bahati from Rock Racing taking top honors. In the Elite race Eric Murphy went off the front and stayed away for the entire race, banging home the top step on the podium.

The second stop in the week long series was Beaufort, SC.
This stop would see the Myogenesis guys once again holding their own against some big names. Eric Boily banged home a 12th for us, and was the first non-pro. Hilton Clarke from the Toyota-Untied squad brought home the first place. After beaufort, the guys packed up shop and hit the road with a bearing of a little northwest and to Walterboro, SC.

The third stop in Walterboro would see almost a carbon copy of the night before, with the Aussie, Hilton Clarke taking the top step, and with Eric Boily taking 11th, putting in contention for the GC. Once again the boys would pack up shop and leave Walterboro, for the sleepy little town of Greenwood, SC.

Greenwood would not be as friendly to us as the previous nights, with Eric taking 28th and a speedy Alex Candelario of Kelly Benefits taking the win. We we’re anxious to get out of greenwood and focus on the next nights race in Spartanburg, SC…..

Spartanburg, the guys were showing obvious fatigue from being on the road for a week with no support crew. Despite that we managed to put 3 in the top 40…140 starters.

The last race of the week, Sandy Springs, brought more fortune for the Myo boys. After a long week on the road, Bruno managed to make the selected move of 7. Coming into the last lap, Bruno attacked his break-away comrades, and was only countered by Rock Racings Peter Dawson. Dawson was able to come around Bruno just before the line. Bruno held on for 2nd. With Bruno’s 2nd, that put Myogenesis.Com into 4th for the overall team competition, ahead of some really big and familiar names! A great way to cap a hard week of racing.

Just up the street, literally 6 miles up the street, Daryl Reynolds and Tim Barrett would be representing for us at the Nalley Roswell NRC race. Racing in the 2, 3 race, Tim lead Daryl out beautifully for a very well deserved 2nd!!!

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