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Monday, November 19, 2007


This past weekend, the Myogenesis.Net p/b landmark Dodge cyclo-cross contingent, continued their winning ways. Tim Barrett and Casey Magner took the top two spots on the podium at the Georgia State Championships in Augusta, Georgia. Tim and Casey immediately when to the front from the gun stringing the group single file into the first barrier section. Tim, Casey, Thomas Turner (Bear-Naked Cannondale), Daryl Sawyer (Van Dessel Factory Team) and Dave Howe (Camp Highland) were the first through. From that point, Tim appeared to just ride off from the rest of the group. Casey and Thomas soon managed a small gap over the others as well. Tim managed to not only hold his lead, but slowly increase it every lap. Coming into the last lap, with it obvious Tim had the race locked up, everyone’s attention turned to the race for 2nd and 3rd between Casey and Thomas. It stayed tight, and with 300 or so meters to go, Casey made his move, and easily sprinted away from Turner, who was on the hook for the chase the entire race. Myogenesis goes 1 and 2 in the Pro class, making that yet another State Jersey for the boys. Sean Harper also came in with a top 10 in only his second A’s race.

1st Tim Barrett Myogenesis.Net p/b Landmark Dodge
2nd Casey Magner Myogenesis.Net p/b Landmark Dodge
3rd Thomas Turner Bear Naked Cannondale
4th Daryl Sawyer Van Dessel Factory Team
5th Eric Neely Camp Highland

In the Master’s 35+ category, Brady Rogers rolled home in a 3rd for the bronze. After a strong start, and soloing the first few laps, Brady was soon bridged to by former Masters National Pursuit Champ, Tony Scott (Peachtree Bikes), and then Brandon Sullivan (E-Caps Solutions). Unable to hold the pace of those two, he sprinted in for 3rd, just in front of speedy Nate Zukas (Augusta Cross Coalition). This is Brady’s 5th podium appearance in as many years, with jerseys in hand

On Saturday the boys in Blue were well represented at the UCI race in Henderson, NC. Jacob Fetty and Tim Barrett both finishing in the top 10, with a 7th and 10th respectively, against some strong heat. The makes 3 top UCI top tens so far ……….

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Myo goes 1,2 in MACON. Fetty gets UCI points for 9th in CANADA

In the Georgia Cross series, Team Myogenesis p/b Landmark Dodge goes 1,2 in Macon. Tim Barrett gets 1st, making it 2 in a row. Casey Magner gets 2nd. In the Team Competition the lead increases. Drew Burke and Rod Stuckey make guest appearances for the team. Jacob Fetty heads north of the border and nails down a 9th at the UCI race in Toronto.

Story to come by the winner and maybe even the series leader.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Great Year for Team Myogenesis Pb\ Landmark Dodge

Team Myogenesis p/b Landmark Dodge

State Champion Cat 1 Crit - Casey Magner
State Champion Cat 2 Road Race- Jafer Beizer

1st Runner up State Championship
Cat 1 Crit - Jon Atkins
Cat 2 Crit - Cleve Blackwell
Cat 1 Road Race - Casey Magner

2nd Runner up State Championship
Cat 2 Crit - Thomas Brown

WINS for the year went to:

Cleve Blackwell Ga.Cup, Rome Road Race
Cleve Blackwell Orlando Crit
Cleve Blackwell Birmingham, Al Road Race
Cleve Blackwell Huntsville, Al Crit
Cleve Blackwell Tsali NC MTB race
Casey Magner Ga. Games
Casey Magner Mississippi Grand Prix Road Race
Casey Magner Tour De Jamaica Stage 1
Jon Atkins Dr.Pepper Crit, Birmingham, Al.
Thomas Brown Winston Salem,NC Crit
Tim Barrett Monroe Cyclecross Race
Tim Barrett MAcon Cyclocross Race

Road Mens Cat 1 Criterium Rankings in Georgia

Rank Points Name License Hometown
1 91 Casey Magner 222005 Griffin, GA
2 144 Cleve Blackwell 144020 Griffin, GA
3 146 Eric Murphy 127087 Griffin, GA
4 149 Tiago DePaula 228341 Marietta, GA
5 153 Jonathan Atkins 2039 Peachtree City, GA

Good job Casey,Cleve,and Jon.
Also Eric who does the marketing for Myogenesis Nutrition

Road Mens Cat 2 Road Race Rankings in Georgia

Rank Points Name License Hometown
1 567 Jafer Beizer 192280 Conyers, GA
2 704 Thomas Brown 191703 Decatur, GA
3 712 Justin Eppenbrock 208795 Appling, GA
4 728 Richard Fuqua 128853 Atlanta, GA

Also our Cat 2's Jafer and Thomas. Good Job

Thursday, November 8, 2007 Is On Fire

On the Georgia Cross scene, Team Myogenesis last weekend in Monore not only took the win in the A's with Tim Barrett (Casey Magner in a close 3rd as well), but also took the "W" in the B's with Sean Harper on the top step. Look for Sean to grace the A's in the coming weeks. In the Masters 35+ Brady Rogers got 2nd and was on his way to a good finish in the A's, until someone's skewer found his rear wheel. Team Myogenesis is on top of the leader board for the team competition not only in the Georgia Cross series but the 'Bama Cross series as well. Get ready to see more PODIUMS from the team next week in Macon.Oh yea, Alabama Cross we are setting in 1st also. check it out.
Check out