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Monday, October 29, 2007

Myogenesis.Net rides for Cancer Research

Myogenesis.Net (formerly team rides for a great cause.
Myogenesis.Net and over 100 or so cyclist raised over $3000 for Friends Helping Friends, an organization to help raise money for early childhood cancer research ( ). It was a 60 mile ride, that went through Henry, Butts and Newton counties. Along for the ride were our good friends from Clinica Union ( ), and Epic Bikes. Emile Abraham (Priority Health) also joined in as we strolled through the country side, enjoying non race pace, where we all could get caught up on the past season. After the ride we enjoyed amazing burritos from Gezzos. Next the Cross Boys tear up Yargo,Cleve Blackwell

Monday, October 22, 2007


Let me start off by giving a BIG thanks to our shop sponsor…..The Bike Center….for being one of the big sponsors, for this past weekends opening round of the Georgia Cyclo-Cross Series ( Record turn out, great course, great fans!

The day would start with Brady toeing the line in the 35+ Masters category, which had around 35 or so starters. The race started off fast with a group of 5 opening a gap, and Brady being one of them. Through the twisty sea of tape, around the wooded island, up the run up and so on. The group of 5 was soon dwindled to 3 and unfortunately Brady lost contact with the lead group, but managed to hang on for a hard fought 5th place finish.

About 12:45 the A’s would take the line for an all out slugfest. Lots of heat in attendance, and Myogenesis was well represented with 6 in the field. The start would be crucial, and we all had good positioning on the front row. The gun goes off, the a field was off and running..well riding, through the first turn, into the first set of barriers, where I guess someone forgot to unclip (or something asinine like that). The majority of the field was either a) caught up by the crash or b) in the grass (unfortunately, Brady was one of those, and on his 2nd race of the day). This disruption allowed a group of 8 or so to get a gap, with Myogenesis being well represented with 3. Brady was the last one out of the pile, since was at the front near the incident……the group of 8 or so continued to work to widen their gap, and in doing so, shed some of the extra weight. After an hours worth of racing, the finish came to a 3 up sprint, with Oscar Clark (once again) taking the top honors. Thomas Turner, pro mtb’er for Bear Naked/Cannondale in 2nd, and Myo’s own Tim Barrett and Casey Magner coming in 3rd and 4th respectively. So let’s see, as far as sponsors go…that would be the top 4 in UVEX helmets ( 3 or the top 5 on BLUE’s ( a smattering of Garneau ( in the top 10.

So if you have never experienced cyclo-cross before, I suggest you do!.............

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Several of the guys on the squad like to participate in a torture fest know as cyclo-cross. Part steeplechase, part crit and all pain.

The first outing of the season would see the boys taking a strong 6 person contingent to 'Bamacross, in Birmingham, Al. (, where they would commence to stretch their legs in anticipation of the upcoming UCI races and the series.

They rolled up in the van, threw open the tent, and laid some product out, and we we're in business. Racing was to commence a few hours after arrival. Race time came upon us, and we toed the line for the hour+ event. From the word "GO" the Myogenesis guys controlled the race, with Tim Barrett, Casey Magner, Brady Rogers, Cleve Blackwell, Travis Sherman and new secret weapon, Jacob Fetty, taking turns at the front, keeping the pace high. After an hour of crossing creeks, and trudging through the mud, the Myogenesis guys put 4 in the top ten! Timmy banging home a second, just behind future cross star, Oscar Clark. Fetty came in with a fourth and Shady with a sixth and the Beaver, Clever Blackwell, gnawing his way into ninth. Not bad for the first go round of '08.

The next weekend would carry Timmy to Cincy for a UCI race, with some hitters in attendance. Tim pulled a respectable 21st (with a badly sprained wrist, from Al.), just one out of UCI points..ROCK ON TIMMY