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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Memorial Day weekend, the Myogenesis boys would double dip, splitting into two squads. Sending the guys that are more suited to the hills to Nashville for Edgar Soto, and Jon, Casey, Brady, Travis, Thomas and Daryl to Sandy Springs. This is the second year for this race. Last year it was just a crit. This year, they made it into an omnium.
Saturday morning, the weekend would start with a rolling, power course of a time trial. Myogenesis faired well, with Jon in 3rd, Brady in 11th and Casey in 16th. Travis was just in for the road race. After the time trial, we hit the Waffle House, to get fueled up for our 130someodd K road race through the hilly SE Cherokee farm country. The road race started out fairly slow, with a break of 6 rolling off within the first few k of the race. Brady was representing Myo. The group would stay out for a half lap or so. When it came back, the counters began. The first one was unsuccessful, but the second went. Eric Murphy (AEG), Marc Anderson (Loco’s) and Casey Magner. We liked this one, and so did AEG, so we slowed it down to allow the time to grow. This move would stay away and prove to be the core of what would become a group of 5 by the end. Big Jon was able to bridge up with Alex Hagman (AEG), but just as he did, Casey felt the effects of a long day off the front, especially since he missed a feed on the previous lap. He came out of the break. So now we were back to one. Jon ended up coming home in 5th, after to having to make a deal with the devil. The AEG boys wouldn’t attack, and Jon wouldn’t take the sprint…..
Sunday we would venture back down to Sandy Springs for the criterium. Coming into the race Jon was in 4th in the GC, just behind the stranglehold of AEG. By the way….AEG is also using product….The Myogenesis boys had a TALL order to fill, to get Jon into 3rd. The race started out fast, and pretty much stayed that way, until Eric Murphy (AEG) and Myogenesis’ Casey Magner managed to put a sizable gap between themselves and the field. Several teams sent folks to the front to pull it back with no success. Eric and Casey lapped the field, and with them back in the group, the attacks started again. Big Jon was attacking AEG’s Alex Hagman. All Jon had to do was finish in the points and in front of Alex to take 3rd overall. Nothing else got away, and it was coming to field sprint. Casey moved to the front for the leadout, pulling off out of turn 4 and launching Jon. .. Big Jon held on for 4th, just in front of Alex in 5th. Job accomplished..Jon into 3rd, Casey into 7th in the GC. Not a bad weekend for the split squad.

-Brady Rogers

TT Results
Eric Murphy AEG
Predrag Prokic AEG
Jon Atkins MYO
Alex Hagman AEG
Daniel Karnis LOCOS

RR Results
Eric Murphy AEG
Predrag Prokic AEG
Alex Hagman AEG
Marc Anderson LOCOS
Jon Atkins MYO

CRIT Results
Eric Murphy AEG
Casey Magner MYO
Ty Magner Land Rover/Briar Rose
Jon Atkins MYO
Alex Hagman AEG

1st Eric Murphy AEG
2nd Predrag Prokic AEG
3rd Jon Atkins MYO
4th Alex Hagman AEG
5th Ty Magner Land Rover/Briar Rose


Memorial Day Weekend in the Music City,
Nashville TN.

HOT, HOT, HOT, AND HILLY. Cleve, Ron, Jafer, Michael, and Tim took the country music capital and where coming up with our own song. Boy was it a tough Memorial Day Weekend. Friday was the time trial in Franklin TN. hilly and fast 7 mile out and back. All I can say it was a start of the Health Net and Jittery Joes show. Saturday 10,000 ft. of climbing. Cleve and Tim, went with the move that ended up being the right move. The move came on lap 2 of 6 which meant A LOT of miles to go. It became a long day of climbing with Carl Menzies (Health Net) and Todd Henriksen (AEG) present. Also making the move would be representatives from VMG and Priority Health. With 2 laps to go, Tim was out of the group and with 1 lap to go Cleve, punched out as well. Michael, present in the front chase group, had a great day in the saddle with a solid top 25 finish.
Sunday, Downtown Nashville. What a cool town! The CRIT was right downtown, in front of the Wildhorse Salon, (which I figured would NOT be advantageous for Cleve, (with the whiskey, women and horses?) It was a FAST affair… up the hill… down the hill. Nashville brought out the fans, which helped push the tempo. People lined the streets to watch the race that averaged over 27 mph. Tim was the highest placed at 15th, which is very hard fought considering the start list.
The next event of the weekend, was quite possibly the best event of all. The downtown bar-b-q classic. The start list for this one would be a very select crew… See the pic. Present were Cleve R Beaver, , TIMMMie!, Jackie “H”Soliday with Land Rover / Brair Rose, Nick Reistad (on loan from Jelly Belly for this event only) and his girlfriend Kim Dunker.
Sunday, was a long 107 mile jaunt around Fall Creek Falls State Park. This has to be one of the most scenic roads we had ever raced on. It was amazing and tough. Even some of the hitters that were present were having a tough time climbing. Jafer stayed up front all day and showed he might be the one to watch in Dahlonega. Thank god we had our Myogenesis Nutrition PODIUM, with all its electrolytes and carbs that gave me the energy to have a great weekend.

Race Report by,
Cleve Blackwell

Monday, May 21, 2007

Myogenesis PODIUM puts Jon Atkins on the Podium again!!!

Jon Atkins knocks down another podium for the boys in blue at the Frazier Cycling race for Parkinsons. Details shortly!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Collegiate Nationals

Despite what you might think, Kansas is not flat. I hoped that the 2007 collegiate national championships held in Lawrence Kansas would be good to me this year, improving on my 11th place last year.

The Road Race is held around Lake Perry, which with the recent rains that Kansas had, flooded one of the roads. This road happened to be part of the race course, thus the organizers had to change the course and the only way to complete the loop was to add an almost two mile section of loose gravel road. This road came after a 1.5 mile long dam, which was extremely exposed to the wind then a short steep little climb followed by a steep decent to the gravel road. We were neutralized the first time through the gravel so that the people who flatted could get back on…the next lap was a little different. On the second lap it was full gas over the dam and the climb. At the start of the gravel road I was in a group of 15 riders with a gap over the main group, which was blown apart already. The group got smaller and smaller with people dropping off because of flat tires, eventually there were only 7 riders left and I was hoping to make it through the road in this group, but this didn’t happen. My rear wheel went flat with 100 meters left gravel; I looked back and saw nothing. Neutral support was no where to found…my race was over along with over 70 other riders that day.

The Criterium the next day had to be better…at least I hoped I would have better luck. With over 130 riders and 8 corners per lap, I knew I had to stay near the front. The race was very aggressive with multiple breakaways getting away, and then coming back. I did my best job hiding in the pack, but staying up front at the same time. With 6 laps to go I started moving up, but there was still a break 10 seconds up the road with 3 guys in it. With 2 laps to go, a counter attack went on the backside of the course. Three guys went and I decided to follow it…this turned out to be the right move. We bridged up to the break, and then went straight through them. Coming around with 1 lap to go, there were about ten of us with a small gap to the main field. We rotated through once and then another attack went…everyone hesitated a bit and he was gone. I ended up on the podium with a fifth place.

Thomas Brown

Friday, May 4, 2007

USA Crits SouthEast

The Myo boys have been on the road all weeklong with Jon, Cleve and Casey (check out our ride this week). Others have rotated in and out during the trip. A quick recap so far...Saturday night, Athens Twilight, Jon Atkins ends up in the ER, Casey bangs home 30th. Roswell, a beatup crew from the night before. Ryan Barnett, Eric Murphy, and Casey all finish in top 35. On to SC where the news was not as good at Beaufort. Walterboro, next stop, more decent results considering the level of racing. Greenwood, SC on Thursday, Casey rolls in in 23rd and Big Jon captures 35th.....Spartanburg is next. More details on all the races to follow.......Spartanburg done...CASEY does it again...calls his shot on a top twenty, and does just that with a 15TH!! now on to Anniston, flat,fast 4 corners, wide open sprint (new extended course) Casey calss his shot once more...this time one ups it, and calls a top 10....HMMUHHMM....ladies and gentlemen....CASEY DELIVERS AGAIN!!!!!! brings home 8TH!!!!! taking down some of the top domestic sprinters!! on to DECATUR...I told Casey, "guess you need to one up it again, and getcha a top 5"...know what he said?...."I want the podium"......stay tuned. Ok, back with a report from Decatur. The crew ended up a long, tiring week of racing with the culmination of the USA Crits SE in Decatur, Al.. Casey pulls another top 20 coming in with a 15th and big Jon rolls in in 20th. The finishes by Casey and Jon pushed the team into 10th!! in the overall. Not only damn! but dizzy DAMN! So we're excited a little about the team finish....even bigger news is that Casey ended up 12th! in the GC and knocking on the top ten. Look for big things to come from this young speedster.....