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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Racing season is now in full swing, and with the new team members in town and ready to roll, Cleve, Eric, Fetty, Bruno, Joel, Chris and Ron took to the streets of Hoover, Al. for some good ole fashioned crit racing. I'll let Eric bring you up to date with his post....all I have to say is "Fill'er up please".........

I'll hand it over to Eric now.....Eric..

This past weekend marked the first weekend of racing for Team and the boys did it in style. Eric, Cleve, Joel, Chris, Bruno, Jacob, and Ron raced in Birmingham, AL on Saturday.

The day started with the Masters 30 plus race where Cleve, Eric, Jacob, and Chris were greeted with a wet roads on the .9 mile criterium course around Spain Park High School. Just as the race was started more rain came down but the field kept their wits about them and the race was a safe one. Eric set out a plan before the race and the team stuck to it like glue. Chris was to save himself for a sprint while Eric and Cleve would be active early as their fitness is a bit behind the others. Jacob would try to go solo for the win with Chris trying for 2nd out of the field. The plan actually went better than planned as.....TO READ THE REST OF WHAT SHOOK OUT....CLICK HERE.

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