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Friday, November 9, 2007

Great Year for Team Myogenesis Pb\ Landmark Dodge

Team Myogenesis p/b Landmark Dodge

State Champion Cat 1 Crit - Casey Magner
State Champion Cat 2 Road Race- Jafer Beizer

1st Runner up State Championship
Cat 1 Crit - Jon Atkins
Cat 2 Crit - Cleve Blackwell
Cat 1 Road Race - Casey Magner

2nd Runner up State Championship
Cat 2 Crit - Thomas Brown

WINS for the year went to:

Cleve Blackwell Ga.Cup, Rome Road Race
Cleve Blackwell Orlando Crit
Cleve Blackwell Birmingham, Al Road Race
Cleve Blackwell Huntsville, Al Crit
Cleve Blackwell Tsali NC MTB race
Casey Magner Ga. Games
Casey Magner Mississippi Grand Prix Road Race
Casey Magner Tour De Jamaica Stage 1
Jon Atkins Dr.Pepper Crit, Birmingham, Al.
Thomas Brown Winston Salem,NC Crit
Tim Barrett Monroe Cyclecross Race
Tim Barrett MAcon Cyclocross Race

Road Mens Cat 1 Criterium Rankings in Georgia

Rank Points Name License Hometown
1 91 Casey Magner 222005 Griffin, GA
2 144 Cleve Blackwell 144020 Griffin, GA
3 146 Eric Murphy 127087 Griffin, GA
4 149 Tiago DePaula 228341 Marietta, GA
5 153 Jonathan Atkins 2039 Peachtree City, GA

Good job Casey,Cleve,and Jon.
Also Eric who does the marketing for Myogenesis Nutrition

Road Mens Cat 2 Road Race Rankings in Georgia

Rank Points Name License Hometown
1 567 Jafer Beizer 192280 Conyers, GA
2 704 Thomas Brown 191703 Decatur, GA
3 712 Justin Eppenbrock 208795 Appling, GA
4 728 Richard Fuqua 128853 Atlanta, GA

Also our Cat 2's Jafer and Thomas. Good Job

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