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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


August 10-11
Meridian-Cuba Omnium
Cleve and Travis ventured west to race in Meridian, MS and Cuba, AL in the Meridian-Cuba Omnium. The race was an unusually large field for this area. The criterium course was good. It was in downtown Meridian (as opposed to an office park), so that in itself, makes the criterium course a winner.
The race started off rather lethargically. This was probably due to the near 100 degree heat. After a few minutes of shadow boxing, the attacks started going. The trio from Aerospace took turns launching attacks until the lead pack was reduced to about 10 or 12 people. The “break” kept attacking each other, but each attack was brought back. Eric Murphy (AEG) and his teammate finally broke the legs of the group and Murphy rode off the front for the remainder of the race.
For some reason, after Murphy rolled away, the lead group started slowing up. Travis kept attacking the group to make the group chase and, as a result, keep the pace high enough to keep the main pack at bay.
Coming into the last lap, the pack was fast approaching. Not wanting the past 65 minutes worth of effort to be reduced to getting swarmed by the pack, Travis began the sprint about 350 meters from the finish. Unfortunately, the line was about 5 meters too far and Travis got passed by 2 people and had to settle for 5th. Cleve was able to bridge from the main pack and he finished 9th.
The next day featured a road race in Cuba, AL. The road race, on paper, sounds easy. However, the course was deceptively hard. No part of the road was shaded, thanks to the loggers. The road surface was of the “chip and seal” variety (but on the full carbon Blue RC-7, it felt like glass). The terrain was hilly. Add in nearly 70 miles in near 100 degree heat and you had the recipe for a hard day.
The break left the station early, as in, within the first 5 miles. The break had two Aerospace, two Herring Gas, two Memphis Motorwerks (yes spelling is correct) and no Myogenesis. Cleve and Travis bridged the gap and the break was established. No one left to chase.
Either not satisfied with the current circumstances or just wanting to make things difficult, Eric Murphy and his teammate attacked the break with about 60 miles remaining in the race. The remaining break-a-way members managed to keep the two at about a minute for the majority of the race.
The heat and terrain wore down the break. One by one, the break was reduced to just 6 (2 off the front and 4 in the chase). Myogenesis was in a perfect situation. Cleve and Travis represented the blue and white, with one Herring and one Motorwerks rider. Unfortunately, things didn’t play out as one would hope.
Travis, getting dehydrated and overheated, but hanging in thanks to a steady diet of Myogenesis Podium (, accelerated on a steep pitch in an attempt to (hopefully) make the others cramp and force a chase with Cleve sitting on. Once Travis was caught an immediate counter attack came and the break was reduced to five (2 off the front and 3 chasers). Cleve was left to fend for himself.
The Herring/Motorwerks duo tag teamed Cleve by alternating attacks and Cleve did his best to respond. But, eventually, the elastic snapped and the Herring rider (Bain Foote) rode away and managed to catch the two Aerospace guys just before the final sprint.
Cleve managed to finish fourth. Travis finished 6th on the day.
Overall not a bad weekend for the fellas.
Look for the Myogenesis crew to make an appearance at the next Georgia Cup in Augusta, Georgia. They will be in full stride, and looking to “trash their competition”, as the product label says…..
Until next time.

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