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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Siege of Rome GEORGIA CUP

Myogenesis’ next foray into racing the Georgia Cup would be the Siege of Rome. Rome is a quaint little town in northwest Georgia, which just happens to be quickly becoming a “cycling city”. It is the only town in the state that has seen EVERY Tour De Georgia. Lance has won there; Ivan Stevic (who just won the world’s road race) won there this year. The boys in Blue would roll into town and see if they could add their names to that list.
Saturday morning would start the stage race with a team time trial. For this type of affair, we are usually well manned, but this time around, we would show up to a gunfight with our knives fully drawn. We had to finish with four, which is what we had. From the start, we decided, since we didn’t have the best time trial crew with us, which we would just roll and try to minimize damage. This would be a tough task, with the Aerospace boys showing up with Cuban rocket, Frank Travieso, Todd Henrikson, Eric Murphy and Tour De Georgia veteran, Eric Keim. On hand also would be the other pro team registered in Georgia, Jittery Joes. In their arsenal they would have another TdG veteran, and stage winner, Cesar Grajales, Tim Henry, Cody Stevenson and current Ga Cup leader, Thad Dulin.

Saturday night would be the Twilight Criterium around downtown Rome. This would prove to be a pivotal race in the overall, since were “minimizing damage” remember. The race started fast and we just waited for our opportunity. We knew we needed to be in anything that got up the road containing JJ and AEG. A break went after several attacks. Michael Lanham would be present to represent. Riding his Blue RC7, and working with his break mates diligently, Michael was able to lap the field. Within a matter of minutes of the break coming back into the fold, another would go. This time, Cleve covered, and once again, the break managed to make it back to the group. Coming into the final sprint, we made sure that Cleve and Michael were well positioned for the sprint………Cleve comes in with a 4th and Michael 7th. Race over, now a little Mexican grub (thanks to the promoters for dinner!)

Sunday…arriving at the race, looking at the standings, we were in 9th and 10th with JJ and AEG having 7 of the spots in front of us. Just fine, that means they’ll be attacking each other all day. All we had to do was go along for the ride. The 3 lap affair would start with a neutral roll out, and then a cruise around for the majority. Approaching the big climb for the first time, Aerospace went to the front, and drove the pace to put some pressure on the Bean Team. First time over the climb, the peloton stayed fairly intact, with all 4 Myo guys making in the main group. Down the decent, over the river and through the woods to the feed zone. About 5K after the feed zone, a set of 2 little, short climbs would be the next dance floor. Taking center stage was Eric Murphy (AEG). Eric, sitting 3rd on GC popped off the front with Tim Henry (JJ, sitting 2nd on GC) in tow. Cresting the top, the wiley pair had a small gap, and Cleve being ever vigilant, saw this as dangerous, so immediately jumped. The rest of us were sitting at the front already, so we were able to “deter” any reaction, and Cleve was able to get across. The break grew to 1:45 by the time they hit the climb. The climb this time would take its toll on the remaining field, with the only break and a chase group of 12 or so remaining afterwards. Michael Lanham was able to make that group, so now we had representation in each group. Shortly after the feed zone, the chase group was able to make contact with the 3 again. After a moment of relaxing, swigging some MYOGENESIS PODIUM and surveying who was still left, Cleve launched an attack, solo style, and caught everyone off guard. He would extend his lead to 4 minutes by the time the climb came back around. Cleve rolled it up the climb, riding tempo….because at the top, the finish line awaited. He was able to hold on and SOLO (is there any other way to win) in for the W………..Myogenesis takes down the pro’s at ROME.

We ended up 4th and 8th on GC…man, too bad since we just cruised the TTT.

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