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Wednesday, June 6, 2007



The annual scorch fest, known as the Union City Mayors Race, would also double as the Georgia State Championships for both the Road Race and Criterium. The Myogenesis guys showed up full a full arsenal in their quiver….a full complement of sprinters, Casey, Jon and Thomas. GC guys, Cleve, Jafer and Tim. Brady and Daryl also present to keep things in check on the front.

Saturday morning brought the start of the Time Trial, which would be held on the Road Race course, a four lane divided highway, that is either up or down, but never ever flat. Jon and Cleve put down their typical fast TT times, pulling in a 4th and 5th respectively. Jafer also stuck one in for another in the top 10. Tim came in at 12th.
Going into the crit Saturday night, or job would be two pronged. Not only to capture the State Championship title and jersey, but now with 4 in the top 15, to try and make or claim on the GC as well.
Saturday evening’s crit turned out to be just as advertised….Starting from the gun it was a barn burner..don’t believe me? Check this site out... ( you can see each individual lap time as well as fastest speed….I think someone said we averaged right around 29MPH! After several attacks, a break finally got up the road, and we had Cleve in it. Content on the make up of the break, we were intent on controlling it. Coming into 4 laps to go, I looked over at the pits, and there was Cleve, with a flat, but thanks to the speedy pit wrenches, Beaver made it back into the front group, but this time with 3 to go. A little taken out of his game from the incident, Cleve was able to hang on to 5th, which moved him into 2nd in GC. Casey and Jon in, in 6th and 9th and Thomas just missing the top 10, in 11th. The big news here though is the jersey! MYOGENESIS’ CASEY MAGNER BRINGS HOME THE PRO/1 STATE TITLE, WITH BIG JON IN SILVER! The CAT 2 State title went to Ty Magner (Casey’s 16 year old brother, who incidentally is flat tearing it up) MYOGENESIS BRINGS HOME SILVER AND BRONZE IN THE 2’S.
Sunday, the road race. Six laps of a four lane highway, no shade and typically hot. With Myogenesis sitting 2nd and 4th and two others in the top 15, we knew we had a long day ahead of us. The race was fast from the start, with several attacks, but nothing really going anywhere. The field stayed on the gas and then finally on the 3rd lap of the 6 lap affair, a break got away, and we had no one in it. We pulled 5 guys to the front, and managed to get the break back. As soon as it came back, the counters started. Another group got away, and this time Jafer was able to bridge up to it. The break was a who’s who list of racing in the southeast, with guys from Hincapie, Juris, Krystals, Land Rover, Union Ciclista Latino, as well as Myogenesis represented. Jafer was able to hang in for a well deserved 6th, and Casey rounded out the top 10. Our results didn’t do much for us in the GC, but once again …..MYOGENESIS TAKES THE GOLD AND THE JERSEY. THIS TIME IT’S JAFER WITH THE CAT2 ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIP. In the PRO/1, it was Eric Murphy, AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork (who just happens to be the marketing director for Myogenesis) with the gold, and CASEY MAGNER BRINGING HOME THE SILVER!

Overall it was a good weekend, 2 jerseys and a handful of podiums, 3 in the top 10 in final GC, great teamwork prep getting ready for our trip to Jamaica next week………so until then (I will try and update whilst over there..but no guarantees)

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