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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Blistery B'ham

This Easter Weekend would be a family affair for Cleve Blackwell, Jackie Soladay, and Little E Eric Murphy (known collectivly as TEAM FAT KID). The crew packed it up and headed out to Birmingham, AL, to race an exciting circuit around Barber Motor Speedway (AMS track) . Team Myogenesis Pb Landmark Dodge would only have Cleve,Travis and Michael racing this weekend while the rest of team would be circling the ATL, preparing for the weekends ahead. Their new motor scooter has also been getting amp'd for the USA CRIT SERIES, April 28- May 6. Also, Ron Williams has been spotted in California at his training camp for US Para National Team. (
Saturday morning "The Family" awoke at Travis's house, ready to start the day as soon-to-be infamous Team Fat Kids (founding members Eric- vice pres, Jackie-Public Relations, Cleve-el presidente). Since it would be several hours before the first race of the day, the decision to get good fuel was at the top of the agenda. 1st stop: the brand new Whole Foods in Homewood, Al. Team Fat Kids was in there for over an hour. Not only was everything shiny, new, and organic, there were samples in EVERY ISLE! Highlights included the ever popular red and green grape section and the newly discovered Olive Oil counter...over 50 different olive oils to sample with delicious Whole Foods baugettes. The team decided to make a meal of it and headed over to the Hot Plate section for breakfast. It was incredible to say the least. Eric and Jackie had such a hard time deciding what kind of muffin to get that just shrugged their shoulders and got one of each. It's always better to be safe than sorry! After loading up on a few essentials from the grocery part of Whole Foods, the team departed, in search of bigger and better (and more delicious) sights.
Next stop: Big Sky Bakery in the epicenter of Homewood. Again, tummys grumbled at the sights and smells. The aroma led the group right to the door. Fresh bread has a way about itself; no matter how full one is, one can always make room for a piping hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven loaf. The clan left with a batch, intending to consume all in their way.
TFK decided to take a break from all the calories and got to get motivated by making a store stop where all those calories can be burned. With 4 hours til go time, the boys decided to see a good friend Mike Hurly at Bob's Bikes (Homewood). After a long overdue ragging, they secured a Myogenesis Nutriention order from him and headed off to the race.

The group got to the race about 3 1/2 hours early, and boy was it cold and windy. The race had a metric century ride prior to the race, so a little marketing time for Myogenesis was in order. The press box up over the race track was a great place to meet and catch up with old friends and potential new customers. Barber Moter Speedway is a beautiful track: a challenging course with a lot of twists, turns, and dips, proving difficult for any level of racer. Jackie (Land Rover/ The Briar Rose) would have the 1st race of the afternoon. With a harsh wind in her face, she got her 1st "W" of the year. Good job girl.
Now Cleve and Eric have to get ready and race , and slowly the guys got out of the car to brave the cold weather and wind to try to warm up. Team Myogenesis (Micheal,Travis,Cleve) and Eric (AEG- Toshiba Jet Network) would cruise around, trying to keep circulation and spirits high. The game plan was for Team Myogenesis to get in a break and have Eric bridge to it. From the gun, all teams were shooting bullets out with attacks (Team Hincapie, Memphis Motorworks, Team Type One, Team Bookoo/BBC, RPM) When all said and done, Cleve was in a break with Terry Duran (Team Bookoo/BBC), and Eric Murphy and G.W. Winsel? (RPM) would come join the break. In the break, the tempo ramped up yet again by Terry and Cleve and Eric would be the only survivors going with him. With one lap to go, Eric attacked and held it. Eric (AEG) won, Cleve (Team Myogenesis) 2nd, and Terry (Team Bookoo/BBC) 3rd.

With money in their pockets, wind burn on their noses, and empty stomachs growling, Team Fat Kids would stop off in Decatur to celebrate their victories with some fine Belgium beers, cheeseburgers, and good conversations at Twain's. All was right again in the universe.

This coming weekend, the Myogenesis crew will again be spread amongst 3 races. The first being Raccoon Mountain, in Tenneesee, the second being the Rock Hill Omnium, South Carolina (what a classic!, and it's now a Gerogia Cup) and the NRC race in Jacksonville, Florida
Stay tuned for more reports.

By: Cleve Blackwell (severe editing by: Jackie Soladay, even further editing by Brady)

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